Intel Shipped Fewer dGPUs than AMD in Q4 2022, JPR Clarifies

A while back, it was reported that Intel had matched AMD’s discrete graphics card shipments in the last quarter of 2022, a feat that many couldn’t believe. It turns out it wasn’t the case, and the number included the 60,000-plus Ponte Vecchio dGPUs meant for the Argonne National Laboratory Aurora supercomputer. The revised chart is as follows:

Intel split the AXG Group into two, pushing the PC-centric Xe-HPG segment into the Client Compute Group (CCG) and the GPGPU “Ponte Vecchio” into the Data Center Group (DCG). This split confused JPR’s ASP model, including the 60K+ Ponte Vecchio shipments in Intel’s dGPU share.

We had been using an ASP for the dGPUs from AXG to arrive at unit shipments, assuming Ponte Vecchio was rolled up in the data center (DCG) group, renamed DCAI. The tricky part is the split of Xe to computer (DCAI) and AGX, and which bucket got credit for the Aurora shipments.

Since the split of the GPU group took place in Q4, we think the AXG got credit for all Xe shipments, which would include the 60,000-plus Ponte Vecchio dGPUs.

That spike in revenue threw off our ASP modeling and made it look like Intel had a big jump in shipments, and that dGPU shipments had gone up more than they had.

We have remodeled Intel’s Q4 dGPU shipments by subtracting the 60,000-plus-high ASP Ponte Vecchio dGPUs. We have never counted AMD or Intel GPU-compute GPUs in our quarterly reports and got caught by surprise by Intel. We don’t think Intel intended to deliberately mislead the industry and simply isn’t used to dGPU consumer vs. data center GPU shipment differentiation—a dGPU is a dGPU (except they aren’t).

The revised table places Intel’s dGPU shipments at 7%, 3 points behind AMD. The Arc shipments remained the same through the second half of 2022, even though Team Red saw an increase. Even with the revised data, these numbers should be troubling for AMD. There are no excess Arc A750s or A780s in warehouses and retailers. However, we can’t say the same about AMD’s newly released Radeon RX 7900 series. The RX 7900 XT has $100 cheaper within the same quarter it launched.

Source: JPR

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