Intel Switches to 4nm Process for 14th Gen Meteor Lake iGPU Tile as TSMC Delays 3nm Production [Report]

A while back, it was reported that Intel’s 14th Meteor Lake processors have been delayed to the very end of 2023. Today, the chipmaker squashed this rumor by shooting a mail to the press stating that the 7nm chips are still on track for an H1 2023 launch. Keep in mind that we’re still talking about the Alder Lake-P mobile lineup rather than their desktop counterparts which are slated to launch in 2024.

At the same time, according to @OneRaichu, the Meteor Lake family’s 3nm iGPU tile has been downgraded from to (likely) TSMC’s 4nm “N4” node. He states that the Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake offerings will now be the first to leverage the N3 process for the integrated graphics die.


Originally, Intel had planned to leverage TSMC’s 3nm node to fab its next-gen graphics engine (tGPU) alongside its own 4nm process for the CPU compute die. The SoC and I/O are set to be fabbed on more mature lithography, possibly 7nm or 14nm. We’ll have to wait and how Team Blue accommodates this sudden change in its first modular architecture.

Areej Syed

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