Intel to Launch its First Arc Alchemist Graphics Card for Laptops on 30th March

Intel has teased the launch of its mobile Arc Alchemist GPUs on its Twitter account. The chipmaker plans to announce its first discrete graphics processors on the 30th of March (the day after tomorrow). We’re likely looking at the Arc A30M (workstation) or the Arc A370M (consumer) which are both 128 EU parts.

Both GPUs should have a boost of around 1.5GHz. As for memory, we’re looking at a 6GB GDDR6 memory buffer paired with a 96-bit bus and 1MB of L2 cache.

The A370M should compete with the likes of the GeForce GTX 1650/GTX 1650 Ti. Intel will likely offer reduced prices for its first discrete GPU offerings as it’s unlikely to win in terms of sheer performance. The inclusion of discrete ray-tracing hardware and XeSS are going to be the other key selling points of the Arc Alchemist graphics cards. (

Areej Syed

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