Intel to Leverage TSMC’s 3nm Node for its 3rd Gen Arc GPUs as Well as Meteor/Arrow Lake CPUs

Intel is expected to be the first client of TSMC’s 3nm (N3) node in 2023-24 (alongside Apple). Despite going all-in with its IDM 2.0 strategy, the chipmaker is going to work with TSMC to not only manufacture its ARC graphics cards, but some of its future CPU dies as well. The first three generations of ARC GPU, namely Alchemist, Celestial, and Battlemage will almost certainly be fabbed on TSMC nodes (6nm, 5nm, 3nm).

As revealed during its Investor Day briefing, both Arrow Lake and Meteor Lake will mix and match internal 4nm and 2nm tiles with TSMC’s 3nm chiplets (most likely for the GPU tile). Both these lineups are planned for 2023-24, falling in line with the tentative release dates for the next two generations of ARC graphics cards. The CPU and GPU tiles will be put together using Intel’s cutting-edge packaging technologies, including Foveros, and EMIB.

According to Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger, the company plans to advance five process nodes in the next four years (7nm, 4nm, 3nm, 2nm, 1.8nm), thereby regaining “unquestioned leadership” by 2026. Till then TSMC will continue to manufacture $5 billion worth of Intel chips, a small fraction of the chip giant’s $24 billion TAM (Total Addressable Market).

Source: EETimes

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