Intel’s 10A/1nm Process Node will Enter Production in 2027

Intel has acknowledged the existence of a 10A node (1nm equivalent), set after 14A (1.4nm), with production set to begin in late 2027. The 14A process is expected to begin risk production in late 2026, followed by an E variant in 2027. 10A will be Intel’s fourth EUV node, following 4/3, 20A/18A, and 14A. It’s unclear whether the late 2027 schedule marks the risk production or the R&D of the top-end node.

No official specifications have been released for the 10A node, but per Intel’s updated specification, a full node at least offers a 14-15% power/performance improvement, so we can expect a similar uplift over 14A. Apart from that, 10A will feature GAA (RibbonFET) transistors and PowerVia (backside power delivery) like its predecessors.

Via: TomsHardware.

Areej Syed

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