Intel’s 15th Gen Arrow Lake Graphics Drivers are Ready for Linux 6.9

The 15th Gen Arrow Lake tGPUs seem identical to Meteor Lake.

Intel’s 15th Gen Arrow Lake graphics support is ahead of schedule, at least on Linux. The chipmaker sent the final patch for Mesa 24.1, completing the kernel graphics driver for its next-generation processors set to land later this year. The i915 driver for the 15th Gen family is on track to roll out with Linux 6.9 this summer. Intel has also added OpenGL and Vulkan drivers with the same release.

The latest kernel patch adds the PCI IDs for the graphics processors powering Arrow Lake, which are very similar to Meteor Lake. The PCI IDs are 0x7D41, 0x7D51, and 0x7DD1. These are the 4nm (TSMC N4) graphics tiles paired with the 20A (2nm) compute tile that will power the next generation Core Ultra CPUs.

The 15th Gen Arrow Lake tGPUs seem identical to Meteor Lake. This means we’re looking at a second iteration of the Xe-LPG architecture introduced with the 1st Gen Core Ultra family. Since the PCI IDs aren’t gated behind the force_probe option, this indicates that the Arrow Lake GPU should fully support Linux 6.9. This lines up with the H2 2024 launch schedule that Intel has reiterated several times.

Everything we know about the 15th Gen Arrow Lake CPUs:

Source: Phoronix.

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