Intel’s Arc A370M is up to 30% Slower than NVIDIA’s 3-year-old GTX 1650 in Games, More Expensive as Well

Intel’s first Arc GPUs are now in reviewers’ hands, finally giving us an unbiased idea of just how competitive the Alchemist lineup really is. The first benchmarks (from Benchmark Lab) indicate that the Arc A370M is up to 30% slower than NVIDIA’s 3-year-old entry-level GPU, the GeForce GTX 1650. It’s worth noting that both feature 1,024 ALUs or cores, and roughly the same clocks as well as the same amount of memory:

In the below benchmarks, you can see that the GTX 1650 consistently outperforms the Arc A370M in each of the 10 games that were tested. Keep in mind that these are the approximate frame rates rather than the exact averages. Still, the GTX 1650 manages to beat the A370M by 15-20% on average. In titles like Witcher 3 and Forza Horizon 5, the deltas extend to 25% and 32%, respectively.

While this isn’t a bad result for the Arc A370M considering that driver optimizations will still take over a year to completely materialize, that also means that the 1st Gen Arc lineup will most act as experimental products with limited game optimization and support. The poor frame times in a game as popular as CS: GO are a clear indication of this.

Source: Benchmark Lab

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