Intel’s Arc Alchemist Mobile GPUs Delayed to June 2022, Desktop GPUs Likely Pushed to August/September

Intel has delayed the launch of its midrange Arc laptop GPUs from March to June 2022 despite announcing Q1 availability late last month. During the 29th March announcement, the chipmaker confirmed that its Arc A-Series GPU-equipped laptops had already been shipped and would be available the same day.

As per the official roadmap, the high-end Arc 5 and Arc 7 series laptop GPUs were supposed to launch in May or June alongside the desktop graphics cards. However, if we take this latest delay into account, then the higher-end mobile GPUs will now land towards the end of summer and the desktop SKUs in fall.

This latest bit of info falls in line with earlier rumors and marks the latest blunder from Intel’s marketing team. The first devices featuring the Arc GPUs including the Acer Swift X and the Samsung Book2 Pro were announced the same day with pre-orders already live. However, multiple sources have confirmed that the pre-order dates have been pushed by several weeks or entirely removed from the specifications. This is a rather embarrassing display from Intel and begs the question of whether it’s the result of a supply issue or poor driver support.

Update: Intel has issued an update stating that one Arc GPU-equipped laptop has been launched in Korea. This will reported be exclusive to the region for the time being.

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