Intel’s Xeon Emerald Rapids CPUs Leak Out: 448MB of Cache a TDP of up to 922W

Intel’s next-gen Xeon “Emerald Rapids” processors have a release date: The 14th of December alongside the “Meteor Lake” Core Ultra family. Featuring denser logic and more cache, these chips refresh the 4th Gen Sapphire Rapids lineup on the same node and architecture. The Xeon Platinum 8592+ sits at the top of the Emerald stack with 64 cores, 448MB of cache (L2+L3), and a cTDP of up to 922W. Courtesy of @792123a, we’ve got an early peek at the flagship:

We’re looking at a Qualification Sample (QS) running at a TDP of 350W. Like Sapphire, it leverages the Intel 7 node, supporting AVX512, AMX, and other advanced instructions absent from the client chips. It packs 2MB of L2 cache per core and 320MB of shared L3 for a total of 448 MB.

The Xeon Platinum 8592+ has a PL1 power limit of 350W and a PL2 of 420W. It can momentarily sip 500W as part of the PL4 specification. Although the stock TDP is set to 350W, it can be adjusted to as low as 100W and as high as 922W. Below, you can see a pair of these 64-core monsters running in a 2S configuration:

Areej Syed

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