Leaked Intel Roadmap Shows 15th Gen Arrow Lake CPUs Still Based on 20A (2nm) Node [Rumor]

An Intel CPU roadmap has surfaced, seemingly ascertaining the four nodes-four years promise. The 14th Gen Meteor Lake mobile chips will land alongside the Raptor Lake-S Refresh in the second half of the year. The former will adopt the Intel 4/4nm node, while the latter will be an Intel 7/7nm family. Following Emerald Rapids-SP in early 2024, Sierra Forest and Granite Rapids will leverage the Intel 3 process node.

The 15th Gen Arrow Lake processors are planned for a late 2024 release, followed by 16th Gen Lunar Lake in 2025. They will be based on the 20A (2nm) and 18A (1.8nm) process nodes, respectively. Clearwater Forest will succeed Sierra Forest in 2025 using the 18A node and an advanced Lake core architecture.

According to a previous leak/rumor, Intel’s client roadmap may face yet another slip-up with a major delay in the deployment of the 20A node, leaving Arrow Lake with either the Intel 3 or TSMC’s 3nm node. Officially, Team Blue is already slated to leverage TSMC’s N3 node for the iGPU tile, while the CPU compute tile is supposed to be a 20A product.

Areej Syed

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