Leveling up a Gaming Tablet

Mobile gaming systems have been fascinating as their constant evolution drives them to become ever-more capable platforms. Far from the simple media players they originated, modern tablets are extremely powerful systems far exceeding the computers many of us enjoyed as youths. While they’re already fantastic for many regular games, their status as tablets can be limiting in some uses and for some users. However, with the right approach and a couple of peripherals, it’s possible to level up what tablets can do to open an entirely new spectrum of opportunities and potential.

Taking Control

The best tablets for gaming in 2023, like the Galaxy Tab S8 and iPad Air 10th gen, are powerful systems with strong processors, enough RAM to run the most modern tablet games, and, importantly, fantastic screens. Even these top-of-the-line systems do have some limitations, however, specifically when it comes to input. Depending on the game, touchscreen controls can be perfect, but there are some titles where users being without tactile controls can leave players at a serious disadvantage.

To combat this challenge, we recommend that players invest in a good Bluetooth controller like one from Sony’s PS4. These are reliable and high enough quality that they’ve been used to win some of the biggest video game tournaments in the world. Going a step further, users could even adopt a mouse and keyboard in some titles, which can be especially helpful in strategy games like MOBAs.

Listen Up

Tablet speakers on high-quality devices are often astoundingly good, but to be the best gamer you can be, you’re going to need to concentrate. This means having direct and accurate noise delivered right into your ears and the possibility of noise canceling. Since it’s not especially viable to strap tablets to your head, taking the next step in sound is the domain of headphones.

Good over-ear headphones can make a world of difference in some genres, and they’re especially useful in shooters like PUBG and COD Mobile. The right pair of headphones can let you detect enemies through walls and even have a part in letting blind players compete.

Expand Your Horizons

Aside from peripherals, the game libraries we enjoy can also be expanded by taking a different approach. While the official app stores are a great place to start, gamers can’t afford to overlook the opportunities afforded by older console emulators. A good tablet will be able to emulate games up to around the PS2 era, meaning players will have access to thousands of titles in the form of ROMs.

To play these games, an emulator like RetroArch is a great place to start, as it manages a lot of the heavy lifting and configuration for you. As for the game ROM files, these can be found with quick Google searches. If you already own a game, or if it’s no longer being sold, then downloading it isn’t costing anyone, and an enormous number of releases fall under this umbrella.

If you were around for the revelation that was the original Game Boy, then you know how popular mobile gaming can be. Though we tend to take it for granted, tablet gaming takes this idea and cranks it to 11, providing opportunities that previous generations could only dream of. Driving the concept a few steps further with addons and game libraries, you’ll be able to get even more from your mobile gaming experience.

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