Lian Li Launches the UNI FAN TL LCD Case Fans: A Customizable 1.6″ LCD on Each Fan

LIAN LI has launched its latest range of interlocking fans: The UNI FAN TL LCD and UNI FAN TL. The TL LCD features a 1.6” LCD, fully customizable via L-Connect. The TL offers a noise and performance-optimized fan experience with LCP blades and FDB bearing with copper shielding. Both models feature a revamped lighting style with 2 LED zones implemented in a diffused RGB strip at the top and bottom of the frame that wraps around the mounting points of the fans.


The UNI FAN TL LCD features a customizable 1.6” LCD IPS screen at the center of the fan. The screen has 400 x 400 resolution and can display system information, including CPU temperature, CPU load, GPU temperature, GPU load, and fan speed. Gamers can use image/video files to customize it, individually or synchronized across multiple fans with the L-Connect software. The UNI FAN TL LCD controller simultaneously accommodates up to 7 LCD fans, with each port supporting up to 3. Users can mix groups of TL and TL LCD fans, achieving a balance of aesthetics and affordability.


The UNI FAN TL features a 9-blade configuration crafted from durable Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) to ensure their shape at high speeds. This design places the blades closer to the frame, measuring 0.65mm for the TL 120 and 1.0mm for the TL 140. A frame thickness of 28mm enhances the blade surface area and improves thermal performance. The UNI FAN TL uses Fluid Dynamic bearings (FDB) for the fan motor for quieter and smoother operation.

Infinity RGB Customization

Using the interlocking mechanism from the original UNI FANs, gamers can form fan clusters powered by a single cable (up to 10 fans on a single port). The L-Connect software automatically detects each fan for easier management, optimizing system airflow while intelligently identifying fan size and location within each group.

The UNI FAN TL series is available for pre-order starting December 20th, 2023

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