Lords of the Fallen – Patch v.1.1.193

Gamers, here’s a breakdown for Patch v.1.1.193 in Lords of the Fallen. This patch brings some significant changes to the table.

Sentry Report Tool – Squashing Bugs with Your Help

The developers thank players who have contributed by sending crash reports through Sentry. Their feedback has been pivotal in addressing the issues that some players have been facing. Here’s a breakdown of the key issues tackled in this patch:

  1. Host-Held Item Crash: A crash that could occur when the host was holding a specific item has been addressed. No more unexpected interruptions during gameplay.
  2. AI Movement Crash: Another resolved crash was tied to enemy AIs moving sideways while targeting the player. This fix ensures a smoother gaming experience.
  3. Umbral Exit Point Crash: In specific circumstances, a crash could occur when spawning destructible particles via an umbral exit point. This issue has been successfully resolved.
  4. Tendril Crash: A rare crash that occurred when showing the tendrils connecting the soul and its victim has been fixed, ensuring a more stable gameplay experience.

PSO Calculation Crash – A Temporary Workaround

Regarding the crash on the first loading screen, the developers are working on a permanent fix in collaboration with our partners. However, a temporary workaround has been discovered thanks to the player community:

  • Go to your game installation folder: “X:\Steam\steamapps\common\The Lords of the Fallen.”
  • Right-click on “LOTF2.exe” and select “Properties.”
  • Navigate to the Compatibility tab.
  • Activate compatibility with Windows 8.
  • Disable fullscreen optimizations.
  • Run the program as an administrator.

This solution is preferable, as it avoids micro-stutters when entering new biomes. Players are recommended to try this workaround first, and if it doesn’t work, adding “-nopsos” to the game launch options gives access to the game.

DLSS Frame Generation – Manual Activation for Flexibility

DLSS Frame Generation was temporarily deactivated due to causing crashes on 40 series GPUs for many players. However, some players preferred the higher framerate it offered. While it remains deactivated by default, the developers have added a way for you to manually activate it by adding in launch options: “-DLSSFG.”

Auto-Set Tweaks – Improving the Default Experience

The default settings have been tweaked to enhance your experience. Windowed Fullscreen with VSync is now the default configuration. Furthermore, the Auto-Set button will set the game to windowed fullscreen and activate VSync for improved performance.

Other Fixes

Several improvements have been made, including fixing an issue where attacking enemies from behind sometimes fails to apply additional damage. Additionally, rare crashes occurring in USteamUtilsSubsystem when Steam was switched off while the game was still running have been addressed.

Virtual Photographer Spotlight – GwynVP

The devs special recognition to GwynVP for her exceptional virtual photography created using the 3D Photo Mode. Her artwork is featured in these patch notes and on the splash screen when the game starts. Be sure to check out her Twitter account for some stunning artwork.



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