Lords of the Fallen – Patch v.1.1.195

Lampbearers, it’s time for another patch. That’s two days in a row. The developers have been hard at work listening to player feedback, sifting through comments, and implementing changes to make the game better. Here’s a breakdown of what this patch has in store for you:

Stability and Optimization – A Step Forward

Significantly improved Sentry reports with a lower percentage of affected players. This indicates that your input and the team’s dedication are paying off, and you can look forward to further improvements in the upcoming patches.

Sentry Reporting Tool

Thanks to players’ dedication in sending crash reports, another crash has been resolved. So keep clicking that “send” button!

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when enemies alerted each other about the presence of the player.

AI – Pilgrim Perch “Snipers” Get a Tune-Up

AI at Pilgrim Perch has undergone some fine-tuning. The snipers in the game have had their aiming capabilities adjusted. They now have a higher chance of missing their shots when the target is beyond 15 meters.

Balancing – Rings and Runes Get a Boost

To encourage more diverse gameplay, devs have noticed that players were often overlooking status effect resistance rings and runes. To make these options more appealing and integrate them into various builds, it’s been given them a noticeable boost. It’s time to consider adding them to your loadout and explore new strategies.

  • Slightly increased the second hit damage for one-handed Grand Swords’ forward heavies to match its slightly slower animation. A well-deserved improvement to match the visual impact.

Quests – Smoother Storytelling

In the realm of quests, fine-tuned a few aspects:

  • Fixed an NPC corpse that was interactable before meeting the proper quest requirements. No more early access to quests!
  • Modified “the moving merchant” to sell 2 copies of the Slave Hunter Dagger, promoting the dual-knives dual-wielding stance. While it’s fun, it may have been slightly overpowered, so be ready for potential nerfs down the road.

Other Tweaks

In addition to these significant changes, the patch also includes several quality-of-life adjustments and fixes:

  • Several throwable items have been adjusted to eliminate camera collision properties, preventing undesired “zoom-ins.” Throwing items has never been smoother!
  • Text spilling on “Attack Power” has been resolved for several languages, including French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish. Enjoy a seamless gaming experience in your preferred language.
  • A streaming volume issue at the Fief of the Chill Curse has been resolved to prevent players from falling into the void while the map wasn’t fully loaded. This is especially crucial for players exploring areas like Auteru.



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