Lords of the Fallen – Patch v.1.1.199

For the fourth consecutive day, the developers behind Lord of the Fallen continue their relentless pursuit of patches. Let’s dive into today’s patch notes.

Major AMD GPUs Fix

  • Addressed multiple GPU crashes on AMD cards by optimizing Niagara compute shader dispatches when the thread count exceeds hardware limitations. This fix should resolve a significant percentage of crashes reported in Sentry, where over 30% of them resulted from this communication issue between drivers and DirectX12.

Sentry Reported Issues

  • Fixed crashes related to NPC character interactions, inventory management, and item descriptions.
  • Resolved crashes associated with soulflaying entities, fog gates, and inventory components.
  • Ensured accurate payloads in trigger events and properly ended abilities.

Multiplayer Adjustment

  • Matchmaking has been improved based on community feedback and observations.
  • Matchmaking timings have been adjusted to prioritize strong connections with lower pings, resulting in a more stable and enjoyable online experience.
  • The Orian Protector feature has been temporarily disabled to be reworked for a better gameplay loop.
  • Crossplay will be reintroduced once sufficient data is collected and stability is ensured.


  • Price adjustments have been made to the Flame Funnel spell in the Remembrance store.
  • Social shrine goals are being tweaked to align with player progression.
  • Buyable items in shrines missing the “skipinventory” flag have been fixed.

Gameplay Adjustments

  • Soulflay attack no longer causes players to fall from ledges when stepping back after use.
  • Improved player orientation when interacting with NPCs.
  • Faster and interruptible “Retrieve Vigor” animation with added invincibility frames until Vigor is retrieved.
  • Quicker and sooner interruptible “Empty Sanguinarix” animation.


  • Fixed issues with Scarlet Shadow falling through the world during farming.


  • Adjusted lower LODs for the effigy of Scorn to activate clothing physics.


  • Enhanced the skip cinematic flow by displaying the required key on the screen when any button is pressed.



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