MS Rolls Out Updates on “Unsupported” Intel 6th Gen and 1st Gen Ryzen CPUs

Microsoft rolled out the first patch for Windows 11 this Tuesday as part of “Patch Tuesday”. Although the update included fixes for multiple issues, it worsened the L3 cache latency on older Ryzen processors. Furthermore, the update was rolled out to every device, including PCs using unsupported hardware such as Intel’s 6th Gen Skylake and the 1st Gen Ryzen processors.

If you proceed with installing Windows 11, your PC will no longer be supported and won’t be entitled to receive updates. Damages to your PC due to lack of compatibility aren’t covered under the manufacturer warranty.”

Sincerely, Microsoft

Earlier, Microsoft had warned that users running Windows 11 on unsupported hardware won’t be entitled to future updates and may be left behind. There are multiple ways to install Windows 11 on unsupported hardware, including 6th Gen Intel and 1st Gen Ryzen processors. Most of these rely on performing a clean install by creating an ISO and a registry edit that allows systems without TPM 2.0 and any dual-core processor to upgrade.

However, it would seem that Microsoft isn’t being too strict with people ignoring its warnings after all. Not that it’s surprising, as limiting future updates to only around 10-15% of the overall PC market would have drawn a lot of flack from critics and users alike. Till now, all PCs (regardless of hardware) have received the first security update as well as update packages for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8.

Areej Syed

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