NFT brand activation trends of 2023

NFTs changed the digital landscape by allowing for every tangible object to be tokenized. From land parcels to clothes, anything can become an NFT and have a new meaning and a way for its creator to be incentivized. 

Of course, NFTs are in close relation with cryptocurrencies, as you would mostly pay for them with Bitcoin or another preferred digital currency. You can check the Bitcoin price on Binance for a brief insight into how the volatility of the coin develops. It’s best to purchase NFTs at the right time when the value of the currency has decreased, making these digital assets more affordable. 

But besides the prices and availability for regular users, NFTs are also used in companies, broadening their target audiences and expanding business visions. Activation trends are strategies that shape the business environment, and some of them are trending right now, so let’s find out!

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Artificial Intelligence and business NFTs

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most emerging technologies, being fit for bringing innovation in almost every sector in the world. Therefore, being focused on the digital world and its information and data packages, it’s also introduced in the world of NFTs.

At the moment, AI plays a crucial role in generating the artwork of such assets, adding more value to the final product. The fusion between AI and NFT technology delivers a more dynamic experience for self-generated and intelligent NFTs.

Brands should explore the merger between AI and NFTs by partnering with innovative businesses for creativity and engagement in the digital art domain. Exchanging practices and strategies is the best way for companies to evolve and explore opportunities together.

Token-gating and NFT technology

The gaming sector is the most tied with NFTs because these assets can be used for incentivization and also the creation of unique assets just for fun. In these types of games, players can purchase their own virtual goods, form characters and items, and they’ll have the only certificate of ownership.

NFT gaming can be introduced to token-gating, a practice that limits and grants access to the digital product in the blockchain-based on ownership of specific tokens. This provides the opportunity for users to unlock premium gaming content and enjoy enhanced NFT features.

This is only the beginning for blockchain games to function with only tokens. Games like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, and Crypokitties have already increased in popularity considerably on the market, as they’re both entertaining and profitable.

Social media and NFT-based engagements

Social media is starting to change since decentralized social media platforms are safer and provide more reliability. But NFT-based platforms are also an alternative to the usual ones as they establish ownership and better control of data users, which is handled only by individuals rather than centralized institutions.

We already know that social media can be biased in certain approaches and has been noticed to be unfairly treating users plenty of times. However, decentralized platforms can provide a more transparent environment.

At the same time, decentralized social media apps can help users earn rewards and use them in the app or withdraw crypto. This system is based on people’s contributions as content creators and sharing their activities in an engaging way.

NFT ticketing methods

NFT ticketing is one of the proposed ways for users to secure their tickets in a digital wallet and present them when required. This blockchain-based solution has the potential to change the sector by enabling seamless storage and usage across devices and systems, which would help companies, startups and individual entrepreneurs to leverage auctions and present wallet-based ticket storage systems for certain target audiences.

It’s important for businesses to take a step ahead and integrate NFTs in line with event ticketing and crypto payment acceptance. This is because any company that’s the first in the local market to leverage blockchain technology can redefine its brand experience and gain popularity by being innovative.

Approaching an NFT ticketing mode can increase brand loyalty since fans can have access to exclusive offers and promotions by connecting their digital wallet for payments. At the same time, this method fosters global revenue through loyalty programs, especially for industries like retail or clothing.

Twinning NFT digital experiences

NFTs only come in singular versions, which is what makes them special. They can’t be replicated or copied, which is a feature that many investors value. However, there’s the concept of digital twins, through which virtual copies of original physical versions of products can be achieved.

Digital twin components include important features like historical, current and future data to collect so that the product can be modeled. In business, NFT digital twins can be used to improve how companies interact with consumers, allowing them to experience the immersion of physical and virtual worlds.

NFT twinning is also a great solution against counterfeiting through verifying authenticity and tracking ownership. This ensures customers that they receive genuine products, increasing brand credibility and fostering loyalty.

Rewarding systems with NFT tokenization

NFT utilities and rewards are some of the most engaging ways for companies to develop captivating experiences and rewards with exclusive events and VIP perks. These rewarding systems can be implemented through tokenization used within loyalty products that can be acquired or exchanged.

Customers getting these NFT tokens will have the opportunity to become part of a select group that is privileged to access special engagements. These unique experiences can include virtual meetings and premium content.

Moreover, these tokens are key to interacting with digital ecosystems by getting the rewards in their digital wallets, which is more convenient and flexible compared to other methods. This also helps businesses expand their offerings and add new dimensions to what it means to provide loyalty programs.

Bottom line

NFT brand activation trends are important to acknowledge in a company where digital solutions are a priority. At the same time, since the sector is still developing, each of the previous NFT-based strategies must be introduced with a sense of responsibility and tested thoroughly before reaching the stage where it’s a way to engage with customers.

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