NVIDIA and AMD See Double-Digit Revenue Loss in Q3: Team Green Leads by $500 Million

Q3 was another tough quarter for chipmakers. PC vendors, including AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA, saw a steep decrease in both year-on-year and quarter-over-quarter revenue. Team Red’s quarterly revenue dipped by -15%, going from $6.55 billion in Q2 to $5.56 billion in Q3. On the other hand, NVIDIA suffered a 14% drop in revenue from Q2 to Q3, leading rival AMD by ~$500 million.

In Q3, AMD’s data center business reported an 8.3% increase in revenue, leapfrogging its Ryzen|Radeon client segment for the first time in history. NVIDIA posted similar figures, with its gaming business taking a nose-dive while the data center remained strong. The chipmaker saw a quarterly drop of 32.6% in gaming revenue, offset by the A100 accelerators for a net decline of 14% to $6.09 billion.

Areej Syed

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