NVIDIA Asks Board Partners to Send all RTX 4090s Affected by Burnt Power Connectors Directly to HQ

Following the tragedy of the PCIe Gen 15 power connectors, NVIDIA has directed its board partners that any and all GeForce RTX 4090s affected by a burnt 12VHPWR adapter be sent to HQ directly. This order comes after multiple users reported the melting and/or burning of the 12-pin power connector required to power the Ada Lovelace flagship. Delivering up to 600W via a single cable, this connector is part of the Gen 5 ecosystem, aimed at simplifying the growing power demands of the latest graphics cards. (

nVIDIA just notified all AIC this morning…  All damaged cards need to be sent directly to HQ for failure analysis, this is first time… Even a few years ago when 2080 Ti got issue with Micron, they didn’t do this.

NVIDIA has acknowledged the problem and is currently investigating it after the public brouhaha. Rather than a deepset technical flaw, we’re probably just looking at strain caused by the bending of the 12-pin adapter. The increasing pressure leads to abnormally high temperatures, and in the worst cases, melting. The most likely response is the recall and replacement of the defective 12-pin adapters with a more robust design.

Source: Igor’s Lab

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