NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang and AMD CEO Lisa Su are Allegedly 1st Cousins Once Removed

A few years back, someone told me that the CEOs of the world’s two primary GPU designers were related. I didn’t pay much attention to it at the time, but today a report claiming the same has surfaced. Turns out the leads of Teams Red and Green are fairly close relatives, biologically speaking. The family tree published by 晉聊些五四三 claims that the two are first cousins once removed. In other words, Huang is Dr. Su’s second uncle. Simply put, Dr. Lisa Su is Huang’s uncle’s (mother’s) granddaughter.

In the past, both CEOs have been asked if they were related, but they either downplayed or ignored the question. Back in 2020, in a webinar with Gary Shapiro, Dr. Su stated that Huang was a “distant relative, so some complex second cousin type of thing”. In reality, they’re much closer than second cousins, more akin to first cousins from two different generations.

Of course, just because you’re closely related to someone biologically doesn’t necessarily mean you’re close relatives. Furthermore, both emigrated to the United States at an early age, so it would make sense that they lost track of who’s who. It’s interesting knowing they had a common ancestor not too long ago.

Via: TomsHardware.

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