NVIDIA CMP 170HX w/ 164 MH/s Ether Hash Rate Supposedly Surfaces

A Chinese miner has shared the first benchmarks of what may be the NVIDIA CMP 170HX, boasting an Ether hash rate of 164 MH/s. That’s around 50% more than the GeForce RTX 3080/3090 and nearly 3x as much as the RTX 3070’s 60-ish hash rate in Ethereum. This CMP card appears to feature 8GB of HBM 2 memory, 4,480 FP32 cores, and a boost clock of 1.4GHz. It’s worth noting that the process node, release date, and some of the other details aren’t available which makes it possible that this could be a fabricated GPU-Z listing.

If this is actually the 170HX with 8GB of HBM2 memory, then it’s likely based on the GA100 GPU which also powers the A100 Tensor core accelerator. However, this would be a severely cut-down die, with just a single HBM 8-hi or two 4-hi stacks, and less than half as many CUDA Cores.

The miner was able to get their hands on two units, recording a hash rate of 164MH/s per card, and an insane 328 MH/s for both. Each card consumed 250W of power with the overall draw not exceeding 500W. The efficiency o each card came in at 650-660K.

Via: HXL (Twitter)

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