NVIDIA Launches the GeForce RTX 4090D: Fewer Cores, But the Same Price

Nvidia has launched the GeForce RTX 4090D in China to comply with the latest US export regulations. Based on the same AD102 core as the stock 4090, it features a cut-down shader engine with 14,592 cores (-1,792). As part of the SM, the Tensor and RT Cores have also been reduced to 456 (-56) and 114 (-14), respectively. The TBP has been scaled to 425W, down from 450W on the stock variant. Interestingly, while the specifications have been decreased, the price is unchanged at ¥12,999 ($1,828)

The memory and bandwidth are untouched at 24GB (GDDDR6X) paired with a 384-bit bus for an external throughput of 1,008 GB/s. The GPU core base clock has been scaled from 2.23GHz to 2.28GHz, but the boost maxes out at 2.52GHz.

The GeForce RTX 4090D will feature limited overclocking headroom, with lower slider limits to keep users from regaining the stock performance levels. As per the US export regulations, the maximum throughput of GPUs supplied to China shouldn’t cross 4,800 TOPs. The GeForce RTX 4090 offers a slightly higher performance figure of 5,286 TOPs, and the 4090D adjusts that by cutting the shader count.

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