NVIDIA Leaves AMD FSR 2 Behind with DLSS 3.5: Smoother Frame Rates Across all RTX GPUs

The release of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty comes with the inclusion of NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 “Ray Reconstruction,” which not only improves ray-tracing quality but performance as well. The other day, we had a look at the visual upgrades brought by DLSS 3.5. Today, we’ll analyze the performance aspect of the latest DLSS variant. We tested Cyberpunk 2077 v2.0 on a GeForce RTX 4090 and a Core i9-13900KF at 1440p and 4K and got the following results:

DLSS 3.5 clearly demonstrates its superiority at 4K with a notable lead over DLSS 2 and FSR 2.2, along with a better image quality to boot. The frame times and lows are also a notch higher, as you can see below:

When it comes to consecutive frametime values, DLSS 3.5 is noticeably superior to FSR 2 and DLSS 2. It achieves an 86% consecutive frametime value of 2ms while FSR 2 and DLSS 2 net 78% and 77%, respectively.

At 1440p, the deltas shrink, but DLSS 3.5 is still in the lead, averaging 92 FPS, followed by DLSS 2 with 87.5 FPS and FSR 2.2 with 87 FPS.

The frametime graphs of DLSS 3.5 and FSR 2.2 are very similar, with a slight advantage for the former.

Coming to consecutive frametime values, we’re looking at almost 90% 2ms for DLSS 3.5 and 86-87% for FSR 2.2. Subtle, but considering that it works across all RTX GPUs, I’d say it’s a win for Team Green.

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