NVIDIA RTX 30 Series AIC Supply to Drop by 30% in September: Asian Sources

Despite improving market trends, it looks like the supply of NVIDIA’s RTX 30 series graphics cards will get worse this month. This news was shared by Asian media outlets the other day, according to whom AIC partner supply will drop by as much as 30% this month. While it’s hard to confirm anything at this point, most past reports from this source have proved more or less accurate. Either way, it looks like the earlier predicted time frame for supply to return to normal will be pushed further into the future.

This reduction in supply will unsurprisingly be accompanied by an increase in market prices, although not quite as much as during the initial mining season. The source states that the upstream supply of chips (most likely from NVIDIA?) will drop in the coming weeks, resulting in fewer shipments from board partners. It was recently reported that Samsung is increasing its foundry partners by up to 20% for all present customers in the next 3-6 months (response to persistent component shortages).

This may be a response a response to that change, as NVIDIA adjusts to the increased prices, or perhaps it’s simply a result of some other minor component shortage. Regardless, it would seem that graphics cards will continue to remain out of most gamers’ reach for the next few weeks.

Source: mydrivers

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