NVIDIA RTX 30 Series Graphics Card Supply to be Limited Till Chinese National Day

Graphics card supply is expected to stay iffy in the coming weeks due to various reasons. The first being the result of the Chinese government’s efforts to limit carbon emissions. Several manufacturing centers have been forced to suspend production as per regulations. This disruption is expected to affect chipmakers including Intel, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Apple, and Telsa, with some being hit harder. 

Chang Wah Technology, a chip packaging supplier that works with ASE Technology, Infineon, and NXP, reportedly confirmed in stock exchange filings that authorities have demanded that production be halted from September 26 to the end of the month. 

Unimicron Technology, a major PCB manufacturer, will also shut down its production facilities in Jiangsu but will increase production at other facilities to meet demand.

The restrictions will not apply to manufacturers with continuous production cycles that cannot be stopped, including semiconductor manufacturers, according to DigiTimes. Therefore, TSMC and UMC factories will continue to operate, Reuters reports. 

Foxconn, the world’s largest electronics manufacturing service provider, closed its manufacturing facilities in Longhua, Guanglang, Taiyuan, and Zhengzhou early Monday, according to Nikkei. Foxconn is Apple’s #1 Manufacturing Partner with iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and a host of other products relying on component supply from it.

Furthermore, industry insiders claim that the monthly supply of NVIDIA GPUs hasn’t changed much (it has remained fairly stagnant). The AIC situation (board partners) is pretty much the same as they rely on supply from NVIDIA at the top. It appears that the supply situation relies on two factors: market demand and the miner share.

For example, if the supply is especially strong then the GPUs will continue to be out of stock with no apparent solution. The popularity of Ether mining further adds to it.

Add to this the fact that from the 15th of September, NVIDIA stopped supplying chips to AIB partners as the quota allocated for the month has already been used up. The next wave of shipments is expected only after the Chinese National Day (1st week of October).

Source: mydrivers

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