NVIDIA RTX 3050 8GB Listed on Newegg for $700, Nearly 3x More than MSRP

NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 3050 is slated to hit retail next month. With a memory buffer of 8GB and the latest iteration of Ampere RT and Tensor cores, it’ll be the first x50 series card to support ray-tracing and DLSS and feature more than 4GB of graphics memory. The official sticker price of the RTX 3050 is $249, but as you know that means nothing in today’s market. Newegg’s first listing of the card puts the market price at a whopping $699, nearly 3x more than the MSRP.

Source: Newegg

We’ll likely see the market price drop as the card launches on 27th-28th, and then inevitably rise as stocks run out. Remember, this is one of the last Ampere parts to hit the market before the RTX 40 series “Ada Lovelace” lineup is launched later this year. It has an Ethereum hash rate of just 15 MH/s, making it absolutely useless for mining. Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see whether NVIDIA is able to supply enough units to meet the needs of the budget gaming audience.

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