NVIDIA RTX 3080/3090 GPU Supply to Increase by 15% in January [Report]

The latest rumors out of China indicate that the supply of NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards, most notably the RTX 3080 will increase by an appreciable margin later this month. This is a major change compared to the last quarter of 2021 where the supply dropped rather considerably during the holiday season. The GeForce RTX 3080 and 3090 were the most affected, pretty much disappearing from most retailers.

According to the report, the shipments of high-end GeForce RTX 3080/3090 GPUs fell by 20% in December, with downstream supply being even tighter. On the other hand, the supply of older RTX 20 and GTX 16 series cards was increased by more than 15%.

Things are set to improve this month, with the supply of higher-end RTX 30 series parts such as the RTX 3080, 3080 Ti, and 3090 slated to increase by a considerable margin. Mydrivers reports an increase of 15% compared to December. This is still a smidge lower than the shipments in November, meaning that we won’t really see an appreciable change in retail.

Meanwhile, the shipments of older SKUs such as the RTX 2060 and the GTX 1650/1650 Ti will take a small hit. It’s unclear whether the supply of the 12GB variant of the RTX 2060 will be slashed or the older one. As already reported, prices of the latest graphics cards should start returning to normal from March, with the market returning to pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year (when the next-gen Radeon RX 7000 and RTX 40 series GPU launch).

Source: Mydrivers

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