NVIDIA RTX 3090 Going for ~$700 on eBay or Less than Half its Price, RTX 3080 for $499 [Used]

With the Ethereum 2.0 merger finally coming to fruition, GPU mining using the second most popular cryptocurrency has become obsolete. And with that, graphics card pricing and inventory have started to become more volatile than ever. The street prices of high-end NVIDIA and AMD GPUs have already plummeted to half the official figures while the second-hand market is seeing an even greater influx of unwanted hardware.

The NVIDIA RTX 3090 can now be had for as low as $709.97 with multiple listings selling the top-end Ampere card for under $800. Keep in mind that these are used GPUs but if they work on the first boot, you should be good for the time being.

The RTX 3090 Founders Edition starts at $740 on eBay with most units located in the US. We’ve only picked sellers with over 90% positive ratings to filter out any possible foul play.

The GeForce RTX 3080 starts at just over $500 on eBay for AIB variants and close to $600 for Founders Edition cards. This isn’t that much of a drop especially considering that the SKU has a sticker price of $699 and these are used parts, to begin with.

Regardless, these are the lowest prices we’ve seen for these GPUs but you can expect them to drop even further in the coming months as the next-gen lineup is announced.

One particular seller is selling the RTX 3080 for $499 but they have absolutely zero reviews so I’d recommend a fair bit of caution before considering this listing.

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