NVIDIA RTX 40 Mobile GPU Performance Leaks Out: up to 30% Faster than RTX 3080 Ti Notebook

The first benchmarks of the GeForce RTX 40 mobile GPUs have surfaced, indicating a performance uplift of 30% over the existing 30 series parts. Team Green is prepping six mobile SKUs for a CES 2023 reveal, including the RTX 4080 Ti, RTX 4080, RTX 4070, RTX 4060, RTX 4050, and an RTX 3050 6GB for entry-level devices. The Ti flagship will feature a 16GB memory buffer, RTX 4080 mobile with 12GB, RTX 4070 and 4060 mobility with 8GB, and the RTX 4060 with 6GB.

(Source: WCCFTech)

NVIDIA is promising a performance boost of up to 30% over mobile Ampere, with the RTX 4070 mobility allegedly beating the RTX 3080 Ti by 15%, likely in ray-traced games. These SKUs are based on the previously leaked devices, namely the GN21-X9 (4080), GN21-X6 (4070), GN21-X4 (4060), and GN21-X2 (4050). The GN21-X11 powering the RTX 4080 Ti will be a derivative of the AD103, X9 AD104, X6 AD106, and X4/X2 based on AD107.

According to WCCFTech, the RTX 40 mobile family will be announced on the 3rd of January, 9 AM PT, followed by an early to mid-February launch. The mobility Lovelace GPUs will be paired with Intel’s Raptor Lake-H refresh, bracing retail shelves by the end of January.

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