NVIDIA RTX 4060 up to 50% Faster than AMD RX 7600M XT (Navi 33) in Ray Traced Gaming

AMD is yet to launch its budget Radeon RX 7000 GPUs for the DIY audience. The first midrange RDNA 3 part is slated to launch next month in the form of the RX 7600. With a price tag of under $300, it will battle the GeForce RTX 4060. Unlike its older siblings, it will leverage the monolithic Navi 33 die fabbed on the 6nm (N6) process node. As such, it’ll likely be less efficient and perhaps even lack some features of the 3rd Gen RDNA microarchitecture.

Going by the mobile variant of Navi 33, it looks like the ray-tracing performance has taken a hit. In ray-traced gaming workloads, the GeForce RTX 4060 mobility is up to 50% faster than the Radeon RX 7600M XT. In Cyberpunk 2077 (1440p), the 7600M XT nets just 28.4 FPS on average, with ray-tracing and FSR 2.1 enabled. The RTX 4060 mobile averages over 40 FPS in the same game with DLSS 2, making it nearly 50% faster.

In purely rasterized workloads, the Radeon RX 7600M XT puts up a good show, even beating the RTX 4060 mobile at times. In 3DMark Firestrike Extreme, it surpasses the 4060 while managing a tie in TimeSpy. Port Royal favors the GeForce card as it leads its Radeon rival by 721 points.

These numbers are quite decent considering the target market of the RX 7600, and an aggressive price point might give it the edge it needs. The RTX 4060 will cost $299, which means AMD needs to price its rival between $249 and $289.

Source: Fast Technology.

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