NVIDIA RTX 4070 Specs: 5,888 Cores, 12GB GDDR6X Memory, and 36MB Cache at $649?

The specifications of the GeForce RTX 4070 have made their way to the rumor mill. The budget Ada graphics card will feature a cut-down variant of the AD104 die that powers the RTX 4070 Ti. Codenamed AD104-250-A1, the GPU will be paired with the PG141-SKU336/337 board. We’re looking at a core count of 5,888 FP32 cores paired with 12GB GDDR6X memory across a 192-bit, resulting in a peak bandwidth of 504GB/s.

The memory will be backed by 36MB of L2 cache alongside 64 Raster Units and 184 Texture Mapping Units. The RTX 4070 is expected to have a TBP of 250W, a smidge lower than the Ti’s 285W. Last but certainly not least is the pricing. Considering this is a midrange SKU, affordability is key here and will likely determine its success.

GPUGeForce RTX 4090GeForce RTX 4080 16GGeForce RTX 4080 12G-> RTX 4070 TiRTX 4070GeForce RTX 3090 Ti
GPU NameAD102AD103AD104AD104GA102
FP32 Cores1638497287680588810240
TMUs/ROPs512 / 176320 / 112240 / 80184/64320 / 112
Tensor/RT Cores512 / 128304 / 76240 / 60184/46320 / 80
Base Clock2230 MHz2210 MHz2310 MHz1365 MHz
Boost Clock2520 MHz2510 MHz2610 MHz1665 MHz
Memory Buffer24 GB G6X16 GB G6X12 GB G6X12GB G6X24 GB G6X
Memory Speed21Gbps23Gbps21Gbps21Gbps19Gbps
Bandwidth1008 GB/s736 GB/s504 GB/s504GB/s912 Gbps
L2 Cache72MB64MB48MB36MB6MB
LaunchOct 2022Nov 20225th Jan 20233rd June 2021

The GeForce RTX 4070 Ti will cost between $799 and $899. With that in mind, $649 for the RTX 4070 makes the most sense. At best, $599, and at worse, it could go as high as $699.

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