NVIDIA RTX 4080 Becoming one of the Most Popular Gaming GPUs: RTX Forms 40% of the GeForce Userbase

NVIDIA launched the GeForce RTX 4090 in October, followed by the RTX 4080 in November. Last week marked the release of the third Ada Lovelace GPU, the RTX 4070 Ti. The rebranded RTX 4080 12GB was panned by critics and gamers alike, but it looks like the market will have it for breakfast. As MSI rightly Tweeted, “Experience the POWER of the Ada Lovelace architecture, at the cost of not as bad as a 4080”.

Ada is our architecture for our gaming platforms is off to a great start. We began earlier, launching our 4090, launching our 4080, which is also becoming one of the most popular GPUs in retail. And we’re here today to announce our RTX 4070 Ti version as well. So we’re pleased in terms of what we’re seeing. But of course, our Ada architecture is leading, and we are still working in terms of our inventory correction which is going as expected right now.

Colette Kress, NVIDIA CFO

It turns out that the grossly overpriced RTX 4080 has been doing quite well. Speaking at the 21st Annual JP Morgan Tech Conference, NVIDIA CFO Colette Kress pointed out that the RTX 4080 “is becoming one of the most popular GPUs in retail”. She stated that the company is still working on inventory correction, and it is going as expected.

Kress reiterated that the GeForce RTX 4090 inventory is on the lean end, but shipments are on the rise, and all attempts are being made to fulfill market demand. She acknowledged that although the RTX 4080 is overpriced by 10-15% across most retail stores, it is doing as well as the chipmaker expected.

We have RTX now in our installed base of nearly 40%. So interesting because we were probably on stage here several years ago, talking about what is ray tracing and are there going to be games with that. And now we have in our installed base more than 40% focused on ray tracing. Ampere architecture probably was about 1/3 of that. And so now here we come with a third generation.

Colette Kress, NVIDIA CFO

Additionally, with the launch of the high-end Ada Lovelace family, 40% of GeForce userbase has embraced RTX hardware. The previous-gen RTX 30 series GPUs allegedly form a third of this market share, followed by Turing and Ada. We decided to skim through the bestselling GPU lists of popular retailers, and it looks like the GeForce RTX 4080 is indeed doing well.

The Gigabyte Gaming OC RTX 4080 continues to be the bestselling GPU on Newegg, followed by the same variant of the RTX 4090 at #2. The ASUS TUF Gaming RTX 4080 comes in at #7, followed by the Sapphire RX 7900 XT at #8, the Gigabyte Eagle RTX 4080 at #9, and the Sapphire RX 7900 XTX at #10.

At Microcenter, the GeForce RTX 4090 dominates the first three spots, while the RTX 4080 comes in at #4 (ASUS TUF) and #8 (ASUS ROG Strix). The Powercolor Radeon RX 7900 XT makes an appearance as well.

Over at BestBuy, the GeForce RTX 4080 Founders Edition is the eighth most popular graphics card and the only one on the list marked as a “High Demand Product”. None of the next-gen GeForce or Radeon offerings make it to the top ten in this case.

Last but not the least, we’ll go over the bestsellers at BHPhotoVideo. Once again, the ASUS GeForce RTX 4090 TUF comes in at #2, while the Zotac GeForce RTX 4080 Trinity holds the ninth position, right behind the Arc A770 Limited Edition.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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