NVIDIA RTX 4090, 4080, 4070 Launch Dates Seemingly Confirmed: October, November, and December

The prices of NVIDIA’s upcoming RTX 40 series GPUs (codenamed Ada Lovelace) seem to have been more or less confirmed. Three notable sources have reported the same launch window for the GeForce RTX 4090, RTX 4080, and the RTX 4070. Igor’s Lab was the first to predict the launch of the Lovelace family courtesy of his sources at AIBs and supply partners. According to Igor, the mass production of the 40 series lineup should begin by August or September, and it usually takes two months from there to the final launch.

Igor’s Lab

Next, was able to confirm with its sources that the three top-end Lovelace SKUs would launch in three consecutive months starting from October. The RTX 4090 in October, RTX 4080 in November, and the RTX 4070 in December.

Kopite7kimi who by far is the most reliable source on NVIDIA leaks has confirmed this launch schedule which leaves very little room for errors unless Jensen deliberately decides to move the release dates. This schedule indicates that we won’t hear anything about the RTX 40 series at HotChips in August, but Team Green might decide to “jebait” us by announcing the RTX 4090 in advance. (

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