NVIDIA RTX 5090 Launching in Late 2025, RTX 40 Super Refresh Likely in 2024 [Rumor]

During the ML Commons announcement, NVIDIA teased its graphics roadmap for three years, promising a new chip every year. Continuing its data center-first approach, the chipmaker plans to launch Hopper’s successor next year, most likely in the form of Blackwell. Considering how the H100 was over 814 mm2, this may be NVIDIA’s first chiplet design with multiple 5nm, or 3nm dies.

The Ada Lovelace-Next chip is slated for a late 2025 release, roughly two and a half years since the RTX 4080 and 4090 launch. This means that the RTX 40 series GPUs will remain NVIDIA’s premier lineup for over two years, and we won’t see the RTX 5090 for quite some time. As with Kepler and then Turing, we will likely see a “Super” series refresh sometime early next year to fill in the gaps.

It’s worth noting that the RTX 4090 launched 30 months after the release of the RTX 3090, although the crypto hangover did have a hand in the long product cycle. In a regular cycle, we will likely see a “Super” refresh preceding the RTX 5090 launch, potentially in the first half of 2024.

Furthermore, we’re yet to see a high-end Ti card, most notably the RTX 4080 Ti or the RTX 4090 Ti. There have been several rumors of an RTX 4090 Ti, featuring a massive quad-slot design and a TBP of over 500W. This SKU will likely land by the end of the year alongside the more affordable RTX 4080 Ti, just in time for Christmas.

Source: HardwareLuxx.

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