NVIDIA’s Nerfed RTX 3050 6GB will have a TBP of 75W and Cost Less than $190

NVIDIA plans to sacrifice the GeForce RTX 3050 8GB to save the RTX 4060. The former will allegedly be replaced with a slower, cheaper variant with lower VRAM. Launched at an MSRP of $249, the RTX 3050 8GB leverages the GA106-150 (Ampere) GPU with 2,560 FP32 shaders clocked at 1.77GHz (boost). The 8GB memory buffer is paired with a 128-bit bus for a bandwidth of 224GB/s. The card has a TBP of 130W.

The 6GB variant of the RTX 3050 is expected to come with a slimmer 96-bit bus, reducing the memory bandwidth to 168GB/s. The GPU core will likely remain the same while the TBP (and likely, the clocks) will drop to just 75W, eliminating the need for an 8-pin PCIe power cable. The price will also see a drastic reduction to around $180.

This would leave ample space between the RTX 3050 and 4060, allowing for the launch of an RTX 4050 8GB to plug in the gap.

Source: BenchLife (Via Harukaze)

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