Only 20 Out of 10,000+ 12VHPWR Angled Connectors Melted with RTX 4080/4090 GPUs: Cable Mod

Cable Mod has provided some details on the survival rate of its 12VHPWR Angled Power Connectors with the GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs, most notably the RTX 4080 and RTX 4090. The 12VHPWR Angled Connectors are Cable Mod’s fastest-selling item at launch. It is easier to properly insert into the graphics cards, staying firmly in place instead of loosening over time. Regardless, there have been a few select incidents of the 12VHPWR Angled Connectors melting and damaging the accompanying RTX 40xx graphics card.

Our 12VHPWR Angled Adapters have undoubtedly been our fasting-selling item at launch, and we have to start by thanking everyone who supported us and decided to pick one of them up.

Over the past couple weeks, a number of people have been making posts regarding melted adapters, and this has caused a number of people to write to us here on Reddit and other platforms asking if this is happening a lot. We wanted to make this post to explain what we are seeing on our end, and what we are doing to handle these cases.

From the beginning, we set out to create a product that not only looked good aesthetically, but was both robust and reliable. We have sold tens of thousands of these adapters since launch back in March, and of these, have received around 20 cases where the adapter connector had melted – an extremely low failure rate.

Upon analysis, the majority of failures were due to the adapters not being fully inserted into the GPU, while other cases were indeed due to defective adapters. We cannot deny that things can go wrong during the manufacturing process – no company can guarantee a 0% failure rate. However, what we can do is help our users when such things occur.

To that end, we have been closely monitoring cases that are being reported to our support team. For GPUs where the RMA requests are denied, we have offered to reimburse the full purchase price to the affected users. Some users have been asked to send their GPUs to repair centers, and we have covered all shipping costs as well. We have been doing this even in cases where the adapter was not fully inserted, as we want to make sure that none of our users are left out in the cold.


According to Cable Mod, only about 20 cases of Angled 12VHPWR Connectors have been reported out of the tens of thousands sold. That’s a failure rate of just 0.002% and within the expected margin for most newly released products.

A closer analysis of the cases has revealed that most of the failures were due to the 12VHPWR adapter not being fully plugged into the graphics card connector. A few were also the result of a defective product. Cable Mod has assured users that it accepts RMAs in all cases regardless of the cause of the damage, even dispursing the full price of the GPUs where the vendor RMA was rejected.

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