Properly Plugged NVIDIA RTX 4090 Melts 12HVPWR Power Connector in Yet Another Incident

Another case of the infamous power connector melting has been reported on Reddit, this time with the 12HVPWR plugged in correctly. The graphics card in question is the Zotac variant of the GeForce RTX 4090, powered by a triple eight-pin to 16-pin adapter known to melt or even catch fire under heavy load. There are multiple possible reasons for this behavior, one being loose connections (as reported last week).

In this case, the connector was properly plugged into the GPU and still ended up getting damaged. Luckily, the GPU looks mostly alright, but we’re again looking at a mandatory RMA. ( With this, RTX 4090s using the native ATX 3.0 16-pin connector, properly plugged in 12VHPWR connectors, and perhaps even correctly plugged ATX connectors have been reported damaged.

NVIDIA has acknowledged this widespread issue but has yet to provide a satisfactory resolution. AIBs are divided on the course of action, with some even stating that their designs are perfectly fine. In any case, gamers facing these problems should get a full refund or an RMA.

Source: Reddit.

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