Samsung Exynos 1480 Gets AMD RDNA Based Xclipse 530 GPU, 53% Faster than Mali-G68 MP5

Samsung has announced the Exynos 1480 SoC, featuring an octa-core CPU and an AMD RDNA-based Xclipse 530 GPU. The former consists of four “Cortex-A78” P-cores clocked at 2.75GHz and four “Cortex-A55” E-cores operating at 2GHz. The Xclipse graphics processor is up to 53% faster than the Mali-G68 MP5 used by the Exynos 1380. No performance numbers were shared, but support for Variable Rate Shading and Super Resolution (upscaling) is confirmed.

The Exynose 1480 leverages a 1440p+ 144Hz display alongside a 200MP/64MP 30 FPS single-camera or 32+32MP 30fps dual-camera capability. Video playback includes 4K decoding at 60 FPS using 10-bit HEVC/V9 and 4K encoding at 60 FPS using HEVC/VP9.

And of course, there’s an AI engine with 6K MAC NPU four times faster than the Exynos 1380. The AI engine on the latter offered 4.9 TOPS of low-precision compute, indicating a ~20 TOPS rating for the Exynos 1480 NPU.

The Samsung Exynos 1480 features an LPDDR4x and LPDDR5 memory controller, WiFi 6E, and sub-6GHz 5G connectivity. The SoC is fabbed on the Samsung 4nm node (LPP?), a slight upgrade over the 5nm process powering the Exynos 1380.

Source: Samsung.

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