Steam Hardware Survey: AMD Gains in CPUs, NVIDIA RTX 3060 Leads in GPU Market, AMD RDNA 2 Share <0.4%

Steam’s Hardware Survey results for the month of July are now out. It was yet another mundane and stagnant month in the PC market, where several-year-old GPUs came into recirculation (not necessarily sold) more than newer (relevant) parts. Regardless, there were a few winners from both the Green Camp and the Red Camp. In the CPU market, AMD returned to its monthly momentum (share) gain of close to a percent, increasing its market share to 29.19%, still, however, lower than the high of 30.13% in May.

As you can see in the above table, AMD’s higher-end parts were popular (with clock speeds of 3.7GHz and above), while Intel’s budget offerings were responsible for the bulk of its sales. Meanwhile, the GPU market saw NVIDIA’s continued dominance with an overall market share of 75.41%. AMD accounts for 15.31%, while Intel is holding firm over its 9.09% share.

The GeForce RTX 3060 mobile GPU was the most popularly bought graphics card in July among Steam gamers with a gain of 0.15%, followed by the GTX 550 Ti, and the RTX 3060 desktop. As you can probably guess, the gain in the share of the 550 Ti is the result of several older machines being included in the survey, although I’m curious who’s actually using a Fermi GPU at this point.

Courtesy of a Reddit user, we have the breakdown of NVIDIA and AMD GPUs being used by Steam gamers on an architectural level.

Unsurprisingly, NVIDIA’s GTX 10-series “Pascal” graphics cards (25.62% or a quarter of all users) are still the most popular with the GTX 1050/1060 lineup leading the charts. Then, there’s Turing (RTX 20) accounting for 12.65% of all graphics cards, and Ampere (RTX 30) hanging onto less than 4% of the market share. Things are rather grim on AMD’s side, with the 5 year+ old Polaris (RX 400/500) still being the most popular architecture (at 5.1%), followed by Vega (including APUs) at 2.17%. Sadly, the RDNA 1 parts account for less than 2% and the RDNA 2 for a measly 0.30-something percent of the GPU market share on Steam. Looking at the present market situation, I don’t expect AMD’s condition to improve much till the launch of the RDNA 3 parts later next year.

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