Supply of AMD Ryzen 5000 Mobile CPUs “Cezanne” to Improve Significantly in Q3 and Q4

According to German laptop manufacturer, XMG, the availability of AMD’s Cezanne APUs (Ryzen 5000H) has been improving significantly over the last few weeks. As such, the vendor is planning to ramp up the supply of existing models, while also working to release new notebooks based on Ryzen SKUs. While supply shortages have more or less stabilized, certain components such as LCD panels, memory, and controllers are still quite overpriced. The following XMG notebooks will be ramping production and supply in the coming months:

  • XMG NEO with Ryzen 5800H and Ryzen 5900HX is going to be well-stocked beginning this month
  • XMG CORE will be available with Ryzen 5800H as well for the first time this year, starting around the end of July
  • XMG APEX will be available with Ryzen 5800H and RTX 3060/3070 and will be launching soon, estimated to be available by late August

The Cezanne APUs were pretty much non-existent in the first two quarters of 2021, but Q3 and Q4 are expected to get as much (if not more) units of the Ryzen 5800H and 5900HX as the older 4800H (Renoir) flagship. Meanwhile, Intel Tiger Lake H45 processors and NVIDIA 30 series GPUs are expected to be in good supply, with no bottlenecks in the supply chain for the rest of the year. However, due to rising VRAM prices and Thunderbolt 4 prices, certain Intel models such as the XMG Pro and Fusion are sepculated to be delayed to Q4 2021.

Source: XMG

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