Sweepstakes Casino Strategies: Tips and Tricks

Even though sweepstakes casinos are more about having fun than anything else, it doesn’t mean you can be careless. There are still real prizes to fight for, and in order to have a good shot at winning them, you must play in the most efficient way possible.

That said, we’re here to introduce you to a few sweepstakes casino strategies. They may not guarantee success, but they will at least increase your chances.

Play Games With High RTP

Each sweepstakes game has its RTP, which stands for “return to player” and indicates how much you can expect to get in return, on average. For instance, if a video slot has an RTP of 96% (industry average), your long-term expected payout on 1,000 gold coins will be 960. This is just the number of coins you’re likely to end up with, but your actual winnings can be higher or lower.

Logically, the bigger the RTP, the more coins you can expect to win back, so you should always aim for games with a high return percentage. The RTP of a game should always be clearly outlined in the game’s info tab.

Claim Sweepstake Casino Bonuses

The easiest way to increase your playing budget is by taking advantage of sweepstakes casino promotions. These can land you tons of gold and sweeps coins, as well as free spins and other forms of rewards. The best sweepstake casino bonuses are usually offered to new players. For instance, creating a new account on https://www.fortunecoins.com/ will grant you 140,000 gold coins and 500 free Fortune Coins, which makes for a pretty decent starting bankroll.

However, don’t just get distracted by the shiny welcome bonus — always check what the sweepstake casino has to offer aside from it. Enhanced daily promotions and a well-built loyalty program are much more valuable if you plan on being a long-term player. Also, remember to glance over the bonus terms and conditions to understand how the rules surrounding each offer work and how you can turn bonus winnings into real prizes.

Increase the Stake

You should always risk it for the biscuit when playing casino sweepstakes. Small stakes can only lead to small wins, so if you’re aiming for a real prize, it will take forever before you gather enough sweeps coins to claim one.

This is why you must increase your stake, but only if it doesn’t go beyond the limits set out by your bankroll management. You don’t always have to reach the upper betting limit if you feel it’s too much, but mind that some sweepstakes casino games feature jackpots that can only be won if you play with a maximum stake.

Manage Your Bankroll

Although the risks of playing real-money casino games are much greater compared to sweepstakes, you always need to be careful about how you manage your funds. A rule of thumb is that you should wager between 1% and 5% of your total bankroll on a single play, but since sweepstakes generally require less money (or no money) to play, you can feel free to go beyond the 5% threshold.

You can always purchase more coins if you spend all of your free ones, but this is where you must be careful. Never try to chase after your losses, no matter how tempting it may be. The purpose of sweepstake casinos is to have fun and play for free, but if you’re continually buying more and more coins to make up for the ones you’ve lost, the line between fun and actual gambling will keep getting blurrier.

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