Technologies That Are Changing the Casino World: How Is Innovation Changing the Gaming Industry?

One of the main reasons why the iGaming industry was able to grow is an increase in accessibility. The mobile gaming market is filled with players that play online casino games on their phones. In addition, the hobby got significantly cheaper thanks to low-deposit casinos that give decent bonuses for microtransactions. There are dozens of sites that offer free spins for a $5 deposit which is an amazing deal for slot fans. Basically, players can create multiple accounts across these platforms, and they have a decent chance of winning meaningful rewards thanks to these freebies.   

However, in order to stay competitive, casinos need to innovate and create better experiences for gamblers. Innovation is a big part of this industry, and operators often go above and beyond to provide unique games. So, let’s see what technologies are used to change the world of casino games. 

Streaming and Casino Games

Streaming platforms like Twitch has had a big impact on the gaming industry as a whole. It’s a new way to promote future releases, it’s a way to see how the community feels about the game, and it’s a form of entertainment on its own. Other tech companies have also added streaming features, and they want to penetrate this market.

  • YouTube
  • Mixer
  • Azubu
  • DLive

Casinos are also using streaming technology. There are many operators that have their own streamers who promote them during their play sessions. These gamers usually play online poker, slots, baccarat, and all of the other popular casino games. It’s a great way for players to see how these games look and to figure out the average win rate.

Moreover, streaming technology is heavily used for live dealer table games and live lottery shows. This category is incredibly popular among online players, and a few big operators have taken notice. Rather than outsourcing or hosting these live games, the bigger brands are now making their own studios. It’s a way to create a unique experience that is exclusive to their platform. 

Arcade Machines for Video Game Gambling 

Arcade machines have a nostalgic appeal for many gamers or millennials. Casinos really want to cater to this demographic. In a way, this isn’t innovative technology, but it is used in an innovative way. Competitive play, or esports, has done wonders for the gaming industry and made this hobby a viable career choice. Casinos wanted to harness this competitive aspect and use it to attract new customers.

To do this, they modified arcades and added a betting or gambling feature. Basically, players can pick a game where they can compete, like Fifa, NBA, Mortal Kombat, etc., and bet on themselves. Casinos also turned old arcades like Pacman into battle royale experiences. A few years back, Pacman battle casino games were a massive hit. Up to 4 players could compete against one another, and the winner would take all the money. 

Finally, big casinos often host esports tournaments. This allows them to accommodate lots of gamers who are open to the idea of gambling. They can place bets on matches or even try some of the available slots and table games. In other words, gambling businesses want to attract more young gamers, so they are likely to rely on different design philosophies going forward. The idea is to turn regular casino content into something that resembles video games.  


Another big buzzword in the world of tech is blockchain. It is a new way to transfer funds, and it has gaming applications as well. There are even new casinos that fully embrace blockchain and allow users to play anonymously. This trend could evolve further. 

Fans of popular video game franchises like Counter-Strike created a whole new betting system. Players could use their in-game assets or cosmetics, also known as skins, to bet. However, even if they win skins or buy them, these skins don’t really belong to them. Anyone can be banned along with all of their purchased assets. If your assets are linked to another database, much like NFTs can be linked to your wallet, that would add more security. 

In other words, games that use blockchain and a decentralized database will be better suited for trading digital assets. However, for this to work, it would need to have big support from gamers and a massive player community. 


A casino in Metaverse sounds like a great idea. That being said, the Metaverse project still seems too ambitious. It was announced some time ago, and we are yet to see solid proof of progress. There are VR casinos and VR casino games, but they don’t really resonate with the players.  

Unlike smartphones, VR headsets aren’t that accessible. It is also a bit counter-intuitive to what online operators are trying to achieve. You would have to be at home and wear the headset in order to play. Still, if we look at live dealer games, it’s obvious that online players are looking for a more social and interactive experience. VR casinos would be a good answer to this demand. 

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