The First Intel Core Ultra Desktop Processors Have Landed

Intel has announced the first Core Ultra desktop processors in the form of Meteor Lake-PS. Meant for Edge, these chips were unveiled during Embedded World 2024 in Germany. The Meteor Lake-PS is identical to the Core Ultra mobile family, leveraging an upgraded process node, iGPU, and an NPU unit. The Core Ultra Edge lineup will consist of 9 SKUs, packing up to 16 cores (6P + 8E + 2LPE), 24MB of L3 cache, and an Arc Xe-LPG iGPU.

Core Ultra for the Edge

The Meteor Lake-PS lineup consists of four 45W SKUs (derived from Meteor Lake-H) and five 15W SKUs (from Meteor Lake-U). The former range from 12 (4P +8E+ 2LPE) to 16 cores, while the latter feature 8 to 12 core parts, each with only 2 P-cores. The L3 cache varies from 10MB to 24MB, with a peak boost clock of 5GHz for the P-cores. All the chips offer 20 PCIe Gen 4 lanes, supporting DDR5-5600 memory.

CPUCores/ThreadsBase/Boost ClockGPU EUs/ClockL3TDP
Core Ultra 7 165HL16/22 (6+8+2)3.10/5.00 GHz128 EUs/2.30 GHz24 MB20 (Min) / 45 (Base) / 65 (Max)
Core Ultra 7 155HL16/22 (6+8+2)3.00/4.80 GHz128 EUs/2.25 GHz24 MB20 (Min) / 45 (Base) / 65 (Max)
Core Ultra 5 135HL14/18 (4+8+2)3.20/4.60 GHz128 EUs/2.20 GHz18 MB20 (Min) / 45 (Base) / 65 (Max)
Core Ultra 5 125HL14/18 (4+8+2)3.00/4.50 GHz112 EUs/2.20 GHz18 MB20 (Min) / 45 (Base) / 65 (Max)
Core Ultra 7 165UL12/14 (2+8+2)2.70/4.90 GHz64 EUs/2.00 GHz12 MB12 (Min) / 15 (Base) / 28 (Max)
Core Ultra 7 155UL12/14 (2+8+2)2.70/4.80 GHz64 EUs/1.95 GHz12 MB12 (Min) / 15 (Base) / 28 (Max)
Core Ultra 5 135UL12/14 (2+8+2)2.70/4.40 GHz64 EUs/1.90 GHz12 MB12 (Min) / 15 (Base) / 28 (Max)
Core Ultra 5 125UL12/14 (2+8+2)2.70/4.30 GHz64 EUs/1.85 GHz12 MB12 (Min) / 15 (Base) / 28 (Max)
Core Ultra 3 105UL8/10 (2+4+2)2.70/4.20 GHz64 EUs/1.80 GHz10 MB12 (Min) / 15 (Base) / 28 (Max)

The integrated Arc “Alchemist” GPU features 64 to 128 EUs (64 for UL and 112+ for HL) clocked at up to 2.30GHz. The iGPUs on the Core Ultra UL chips range from 1.80 to 2GHz, while the HL offerings are clocked at 2.20 to 2.30GHz.

The Meteor Lake-PS processors will leverage the LGA1851 socket, a departure from LGA1700 which has been used since Alder Lake (2021). The next-gen platform will also be used with Arrow Lake and its subsequent refresh. According to the above block diagram provided by Intel, Meteor Lake-PS will support WiFi 6E/BT 5.3, eDP 12.4b port, 4x Thunderbolt 4 ports (via USB-C), 2x 4-lane PCIe slots for Gen 4 SSDs, and an additional 12 PCIe Gen 4 lanes.

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