The H7 Is Back and Better than Ever [Press Release]

NZXT, a leader in PC gaming hardware and services, today announces the next generation of our mid-tower cases – the H7. Mr. Naqui Ahmad, Business Manager at South Asia updated, that this new ATX case offers three new options – the H7, the H7 Flow, and the H7 Elite; each features better thermal performance for CPUs and GPUs, improved cable management channels, and tool-less entry for side panels. Every H7 features NZXT’s simple, clean, and elegant design aesthetic.

The H7 features an opened-up top that allows for the mounting of 360mm radiators and improved thermal performance. The cable management is upgraded, with widened channels, hooks to grab hold of difficult cables, and more space, making cable-routing simple. The side panels are toolless, making for easy entry to update any parts, fix any issues, and check in on your gaming PC. These features are housed within a design inspired by the original H710 but smaller, sleeker, and with a clean finish and more color options to match any setup.

The H7

The H7 line of cases comes in a variety of color options. The H7 and H7 Flow come in: white and black, all white, and all black. The H7 Elite is available either in all black or all white with a matching glass panel, sporting a tinted panel for black cases and a clear panel with white. 

The Flow

The H7 Flow focuses on cooling components and offers the same features as the newly redesigned H7 alongside an added perforated front panel. It is ready to tackle higher-end builds and allows headroom for overclocking while providing ample space for the latest video cards and processors.

The Elite

The H7 Elite offers an option for PC builders who want to focus on RGB builds.  Alongside all the great features of the H7, the H7 Elite also features an additional tempered glass panel and three front-mounted F Series 140mm RGB fans. Lastly, there is an included RGB fan controller, which is refreshed with 3 fan channels and 6 RGBs, that utilizes NZXT CAM to customize your lighting and fan curves.

Case Accessories Launching Alongside the H7 Series:

Alongside the new H7 series, NZXT is launching accessories for the H7 such as a new line of case fans and a GPU vertical riser. The new F series line of case fans, coming in to fit every need and help fill out any build with bright RGB. The Quiet Airflow line will keep things cool, lowering temps overall while the new Static Pressure fans help AIOs. These new fans all come in black or white and in 120mm and 140mm sizes.

For those looking to display the centerpiece of their PC front and center, the Vertical GPU Mount and Riser Cable will help facilitate that. The steel GPU mount is tough enough to hold up heavy GPUs while fitting nicely in the H7 with room to spare, and the extended Riser Cable is flexible, fast, and durable, along with featuring backward and current generation compatibility.

Finally, the NZXT RGB Fan Controller found in the H7 Elite will be sold separately to allow users to add RGB and fan control via NZXT CAM to their H7, H7 Flow, or any other case.

Features Found in the New NZXT H7, H7 Flow, & H7 Elite


  • Opened-up top panel for improved cooling.
  • Easier cable management with more space widened channels and added hooks.
  • Tool-less entry into side panels.
  • Simple and sleek modern design.
  • Black and white color option.

H7 Flow:

  • All the features of the newly refreshed H7.
  • Perforated front panel for improved cooling and thermals.
  • Black and white color option.

H7 Elite:

  • All the features of the newly refreshed H7.
  • Tempered glass front panel.
  • Three F Series 140mm RGB LED fans.
  • NZXT CAM-powered RGB and Fan controller V2.

MSRP Pricing

  • H7: $129.99
  • H7 Flow: $129.99
  • H7 Elite: $199.99

Color Options:

H7 and H7 Flow:

  • All White
  • All Black
  • Black with White Accent

H7 Elite:

  • All White
  • All Black

Case Accessories

  • Vertical GPU Mounting Kit: $79.99
  • RGB Fan Controller V2:$34.99

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