The Last of Us Part I reveals exciting system upgrades and PC Specs

The Last of Us Part I PC game release is around the corner, and you can expect it to be a highly immersive and visually impressive game, judging by some of the features that are likely to be incorporated.

Developers Naughty Dog recently released a video providing a snippet of what gamers can expect. This included an unlocked framerate, FSR support, speedrun mode, and story progression. But more may be needed before the latter feature can be unlocked.

However, the system requirements will probably catch the eye, and it looks like the Last of Us will have an amazing port.

The game, which is set to run on Steam, will include a GTX 970 and GTX 1050 Ti, which will arguably test Steam’s capacity to the max.

As far as we know, the minimum specs will be listed at a 720p resolution at 30fps with low settings, so it will be interesting to see how Steam copes with this.

However, this game will have a native ultrawide presentation in 21:9 or 32:9 aspect ratios, which will showcase its versatility of it, depending on which system you will play this game on.

In many respects, the Last of Us parallels The Walking Dead. Indeed, the origins of both are very similar and have had a huge impact on pop culture. The Last of Us has recently been adapted to the hit HBO TV show of the same title, while The Walking Dead’s popularity endures even in different industries, as can be seen in the online casino industry where the Playtech title is held in high regards in a recent online slot review.

While the discussions on which is best continue, one indisputable fact is that the Last of Us Part I will boast many graphical advantages and work across a wide range of other gamepads.

Set for release before the end of the month, Steam and Epic are allowing fans to make pre-orders as of now.

Of course, it will be fascinating to see whether or not Steam can manage the expectations and ambitions of the Last of Us.

However, if the Last of Us can successfully navigate the system requirements, gaming enthusiasts could be in for a treat. We will just have to watch this space!

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