The making of a slot game

A staple in the casino landscape – Slots have been a popular gaming choice for decades and have stood the test of time.

You may be familiar with playing Slots, but what goes into the creation of a game?

Behind the simple gameplay that you’re faced with in games like the Cygnus 2 slot and 777 Strike, here’s what you may find in the making of some of the most popular chance-based games.

  1. The concept

Before a slot game is even made publicly available to play, the idea of a particular slot has to be created.

The development of a game often starts with a concept or theme, which is the creative foundation that sets the stage for a particular game’s visuals and storyline. 

Game developers may choose from a variety of themes for the creation of a new slot game, including popular culture, ancient civilisations, and outer space.

And with many more themes and concepts that make each slot game different, which one will you try your chances at?

  1. The mechanics and mathematics

When you spin the reels, you don’t see the behind-the-scenes workings, which include the mathematics and mechanics.

This involves the Return to Player (RTP) percentage, which is the expected percentage of wagers that a specific game will return to the player in the long run.

Alongside this is the volatility of a game, which represents how often a slot triggers a successful combination and how big a win is.

The reason why a slot game can run fairly is due to the Random Number Generator (RNG), which is a computer program that generates number sequences randomly and translates this into what you see on the reels.

With just a few of the mechanics behind a slot game, it’s now clearer what happens behind the scenes, but what else is there?

  1. Audio and sound effects

Sound is an important aspect of slot game development, as it has to be created or chosen to match the themed game.

Sound engineers work on this element to ensure that it’s suitable for each game, so listen out for any sounds when you next spin the reels!

  1. Symbols and paytable

Symbols are at the heart of any slot game, as they appear on the reels and determine any successful combinations.

Alongside the symbols, the paytable is also a key component of the game, outlining the value of each symbol and the rules for achieving a successful combination.

Game designers carefully consider the symbols and their significance within a particular themed game before delivering the results to gamers.

  1. Licensing and regulations

Before a slot game can be released to the public, it must go through an entire process of obtaining necessary licenses and adhering to certain regulations.

This includes making sure that the Return to Player (RTP) percentage meets legal requirements and complies with gaming laws.

These games must go through testing by independent auditors to certify the game’s fairness.

When choosing a slot game to play, look out for trustworthy licensing – in the UK, look out for the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), on your chosen slot game’s provider.

There’s a lot that goes behind the making of a slot game to make them some of the most popular casino games around, so will you be trying your chances at one?

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