Three Reasons Behind Call of Duty: Warzone Launch Error

When it comes to video games, Call of Duty is among the all-time favorites. However, its new Warzone has left most players feeling frustrated and annoyed. Yes, many people from around the world are facing issues in launching the Warzone. 

Every time they try, they get an error that says, ‘An error has occurred while launching the game. Please check for updates or scan and repair to fix this issue.’ Although the exact cause of the error is still unknown, there are a few reasons that may be causing this problem. 

An App Bug 

According to various users, the error message started appearing right after the app was updated. It is something that implies the presence of a bug. Even though app updates are supposed to fix the bugs and previous issues in the application software, sometimes they bring in new bugs. As far as Call of Duty is concerned, most people are concerned about its new update and believe that it needs to be fixed as it doesn’t allow the launch of the Warzone

Limited Launch Permission

The second reason behind this issue could be the limited launch permission. Yes, such problems often occur when the particular game has only a limited launch permission. However, in such a case, the problem occurs from the beginning and not after updating the application. 

Incompatibility with the PC 

A lot of people are having trouble launching Warzone on their personal computers. It implies that the specific feature or program may not be compatible with the PC. Nevertheless, the support staff for Call of Duty has taken this issue into account and the PC Dev errors, including 6065, 6066, 6070, 6036, and 6034, are under investigation.

How to Fix Call of Duty Warzone Launch Error? 

A gamer knows that it’s always possible to fix the issue. After all, you cannot leave playing Call of Duty just because of a temporary error. The following are a few ways you can fix the Warzone launch error and enjoy playing the game: 

Switch the Warzone’s Install Location 

As mentioned earlier, limited launch permission may be one of the causes of the Warzone launch error. It could be easily fixed by changing the Warzone’s install location. You can do that in two ways. The first is the easiest of them all. Simply go with VPN for Warzone and change your location. It is a great trick to launch Warzone and play the game. 

The second one is a bit lengthier, but it works well. Start with copying the Call of Duty folder into a new file. After that, open the Battle.net software and you’ll get an option of ‘locate the game.’ It would be right below the ‘install’ button. Click it and press the play button for the Call of Duty modern warfare in the new file. It’s a troubleshooting method that usually helps. 

Verify the Game Files 

Sometimes repairing the game files also helps if a game doesn’t work or gives an error when trying to play. The best part of the story is that Battle.net provides you with an option to scan and repair for verifying Call of Duty game files.

It can be done in 2-3 steps. All you need to do is go to the Battle.net launcher software. At its main page, you’ll see different options in the game bar. There, at the top, you’ll find the option of ‘Warzone’. Click at it for the menu and select the option to scan and repair. It will verify the game file and help you launch Warzone easily afterward. 

Run the Game Software as an Administrator

The third and one of the most effective ways to fix this issue is by running the game software as an administrator. Running a software as an administrator means you have full access to it. Call of Duty is launched through Battle.net, so you must configure the particular software as an administrator to have full access. 

Move the Battle.net to your desktop and right-click at it. There, you’ll find properties. Once you’re in the properties’ tab, select ‘compatibility’. After that, you’ll get an option of running the software as an administrator. Check the respective box and save the new settings. Repeat the same thing with the Call of Duty Modern Warfare.exe and then launch the warfare.

In Conclusion:

Try out the tricks mentioned above and kickstart Call of Duty Warzone launch. In case it doesn’t work for you, you can always contact the support staff of Call of Duty and they’ll help you out. Besides that, you can also try launching the game with antivirus software as many times, a virus in your PC is the real culprit behind such issues. Here’s wishing you good luck!

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