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Tips on how to create a quality casino and run an online gambling business in any country of the world

The gambling business is considered one of the most profitable. Millions of players are willing to risk their salaries in gambling every day for a chance to win a fortune. Some lucky craftsmen live by playing with real money at an online casino, but most lose regularly and cannot stop because of being addicted to the sport. A gambling house always stays in the black, so opening your own club – a good option for entrepreneurship. It’s much better than looking for quality сasinos to play online.

Land-based gambling establishments are prohibited by law in many countries. However, the ban won’t be able to catch you online. Therefore, it is best to create a casino on the Internet.

Getting a license to run a gambling business

This question is the first thing for those wishing to establish their own club. A license for an online casino is the official permission to conduct a gambling business. Only having this document makes the institution legal in the eyes of the law. Most often it is purchased from offshore countries. So you can get licenses from such governments as:

  • Malta
  • Seychelles
  • Costa Rica
  • Curacao
  • Cyprus
  • Belize
  • Panama
  • Britain
  • Ukraine
  • And several others

The most prestigious is considered to be the permission from Malta, the legislation of this country is very demanding to the clubs and conducts regular audits of work, so players can be confident in the honesty of the gambling sites with this license. However, a Maltese license (MGA) is very expensive. You can also cooperate with Seychelles, they have simpler requirements, and the level of prestige is not much lower.

But any legalization will cost tens of thousands of dollars, at the same time, the fee is not a one-time fee, in most cases, you will have to pay taxes and substantial money for the extension.

European establishments are obliged to work legally, as Western gamblers are extremely scrupulous in this matter and a gambling house that does not have a legal basis for doing business will be left without players.

If you don’t want to buy a license or invest that much, but want to have a share from the gambling pie – you can create an affiliate website, which will bring traffic for selected (by you) casinos. One such player can bring you up to 1,000 USD. But usually this number much lower (50 to 150 USD). It depends on the deposit that the attracted player has made. A good example of such an affiliate business is toponlinecasinoaustralia.com/games/top, which uses SEO as the main tool for traffic generation.

Prepare to get blocks of your online casino gaming site

No matter how you slice it, but online casinos with even the best license will not be able to meet the requirements of some countries like the US. Therefore, the main site will be constantly blocked by the US government. US entrepreneurs have found several ways out.

Online casinos and stable access via mirrors

The main way to access a blocked gambling portal is via mirrors. Before opening a gambling site, it is worth taking this into account and buying a couple of dozen domains and creating a duplicate site under them. When one resource is blocked – you can immediately send players to the second, third and so on. The domains under the mirror site with a casino should be similar and recognizable by the players. You need to establish branding for this.

Plugins to bypass blocking

You can also run your own plugin, which will function in symbiosis with the browser. There are two varieties:

  1. VPN
  2. Search for mirrors.

In the first case, the principle of operation is the use of a VPN application installed on users’ smartphones, tablets, or PC. And the second automatically searches between mirrors and finds a working one, saving you the trouble of finding it on your own. It is necessary to notify customers in advance about how they can go to the website in case of blocking, offering to save a link to a mirror, download software for PC, or install a plugin.

In Europe, there are no such problems, and entrepreneurs are not even aware of such access restrictions, because the gambling business is fully legal in most of the countries.

Subtleties of promotion of gambling clubs on the Internet

It is not easy to become a leader because there are really no profitable ways of promotion. Not all resources deal with the advertisement of such websites on the Internet because most of them are afraid of the same blocks and restrictions from the government as well as all the ensuing consequences.

With social networks, the situation is not much better. Rare sites agree to engage in the promotion of casinos. So, the only option here is Search Engine Optimization. You will need to create unique texts which will provide answers for players who make queries in Google, Yahoo, and other web search engines. We can’t give you the whole rundown about how SEO works, but you definitely can find it online elsewhere.

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