Top Five Countries Where Esports Is Becoming More and More Popular

The Scale Of The Esports Industry In The World

A decade ago, esports was more of a hobby than a career for many individuals with a passion for video games. But in recent times, the industry has developed into a billion-dollar market, remaining a source of fun and creating thousands of jobs for individuals yearly. Since the pandemic, the industry has witnessed a tremendous increase in the number of fans and gamers worldwide. Today, gamers make an income from tournaments, coaching, and live streaming across various platforms.

Esports tournaments also got bigger, pulling millions of views from virtually every country worldwide. This is witnessed in international competitions, including Defense of the Ancients 2 (DOTA 2), League of Legends (LoL), Fortnite, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). As these events get bigger, the industry becomes more relevant, reaching all regions of the world with internet access.

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Of the 193 countries and 2 United Nations states, we’ve seen the stats and reception that puts the following in the top five. Our criteria for picking these countries are by earnings, number of players, fans, and tournaments. The following list is in no particular order.

South Korea

The prominence of the Esports industry is thanks to the wide acceptance of competitive video gaming in this country. South Korea has produced top pro gamers in League of Legends, PUBG, DOTA 2, and Starcraft to mention a few. In fact, one of the biggest names in the League of Legends esports scene, known as Faker, is from South Korea. You also have pros, such as “Wolf” and “Bang,” that have also made a reputation for themselves in League of Legends.

The “Faker” alone has earned over a million dollars from competitions, becoming a role model for millions of gamers in South Korea. For over two decades, South Korea has supported and incorporated esports into academics, making it extremely popular. There are hundreds of minor and major tournaments in this country, with the most notable being League of Legends tournaments.


The esports industry in Canada is worth over $40,000,000, making the country a fertile ground for gamers. Canada has produced high-earning gamers such as Artour Babaev, Kurtis Ling, Russel Van Dulken, and Williams Aubin, sharing among themselves over six million dollars in earnings. With the massive growth of the industry in recent years, esports betting in Canada has become a norm, with reputable sites offering various betting markets alongside tips on winning. Fortunately, the country has been hosting esports tournaments since 2015, so there’s a wealth of data for players who want to bet on esports in Canada. 

In addition, tournaments and Canada esports betting are legal and regulated in the country. Hence, gamers and esports fans are leaning into the discipline, knowing they could build a life out of it.


In 2019, the Chinese government formally recognized the esports industry, encouraging its billions of citizens to venture into it. Currently, the country contributes over $235 million to the industry’s worth. China has the highest number of individuals playing video games on their phones, laptops, and consoles. Consolidating its prominence in the esports industry, the country has dedicated esports towns in cities like Hangzhou, Wuhan, Shanghai, and Ganzhou.

So far, the country has produced popular names such as Dota 2’s “Somnus,” League of Legends “Uzi,” “Jackeylove,” and “Ning.” Somnus alone has about $3 million in esports earnings. Adding to esports popularity in the region are the numerous betting sites that offer various markets for upcoming and live events. As such, China has been and is one of the most popular esports countries to date.


Denmark is home to Astralis, one of the biggest esports teams in the world. As such, the country supports and promotes esports amongst its citizens. Currently, Denmark contributes over $50 million to the esports industry and has produced some of the biggest pro players. These include the likes of Cr1t, N0tail, and MiSeRy. The country’s government has been showing its support for the industry since 2019, encouraging gamers to chase a career in the field. As with other countries on this list, Denmark isn’t against esports betting.

United States Of America

USA contributes over $240 million to the esports industry, undoubtedly being a leading country in the world’s esports scene. The country has held several impressive esports tournaments, including the 2019 World Cup Solo of Fortnite. Gaming is a big deal in the country, with most streamers on various live platforms being US citizens. The USA has given us amazing talents like League of Legends Sneaky, Fortnite’s Ninja, and DOTA 2’s Fear.

The reputable DOTA 2 team known as “Evil Genuises” is also from the country. All of these achievements and the streamlined spread of the industry contribute daily to its popularity. The government supports video gaming and has no legal issues with betting on esports. You’ll find many esports betting sites with different markets for you to bet on in the US.

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There are many more countries where esports are getting popular, including Russia, Brazil, Germany, and France. However, the above-highlighted countries take the top five as we see daily progress across various sections of the esports industry. As time passes, we hope to see more countries tying with these already-established regions.

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