Top MOBA Games Ranked – Here Are the Best Ones to Play

Nothing beats the feeling one gets when gaming. Even though we see numerous rage moments in videos surfacing online; however, games are known to be very helpful. According to reports, gaming is known to improve the visuospatial ability of people, an ability that allows them to recognize and remember objects.

In addition, reports have also shown that video gaming improved more than 65% of psychological therapy outcomes while it aided as much as 42% in pain distraction outcomes. All this illustrates how beneficial gaming is.

Well, we’re not headed down that road because our focus is on top MOBA games in the market. For those who don’t know, MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games include teams with a set number of players competing to reach an adjective.

These games are based on strategy as well as team effort. Hence, it enhances the abilities of a gamer to work in groups as well as think out of the box to achieve a common goal. Well, whatever the outcome, we’re here to share insights into top-ranked MOBA games in the market.

The ones we’re listing are not only famous but have immense following and are played internationally, making them worth the time. 

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Anyway, let’s begin our list now:


Defense of the Ancient or Dota is one of the most competitive MOBA games in the market, especially its second edition Dota2. For you to grasp the essence, the game has the highest prize pool in the entire esports history with a value of more than $40 million for the famous ‘The International’ 2021.

While most people deem it confusing and difficult to handle, for Dota2 players, the game is as important as life itself. The amazing graphics, the intuitive gameplay, the coordination of the heroes and their abilities, and well the teamwork; in each element make this game special than the rest of the choices.

Not to mention that we have Johan ‘N0tail’ Sundstein as the highest-earning player in esports, who, for the record, plays Dota2.


League of Legends or LOL is inspired by Dota and has engulfed gamers in the esports industry. The gameplay and mechanics are pretty much the same as of Dota2; however, there are slight changes in how gamers interact and play.

It’s also one of the most intense MOBA games in the market and has an immense following too because of its amazing interface. Not to mention the cinematic reveals for the latest season have been quite amazing and have encouraged gamers to join the adventure.


Another addition to the MOBA domain is Valorant. The game took the market by storm with its hybrid gaming module. The game combines MOBA and FPS (first-person shooter) modes, giving us a gem for gaming for hours.

The game improvises on the gameplay, combining FPS features with intuitive character or agent modes. You get to control the agents and using their abilities and skills, you have to achieve the set target while coordinating with your teammates.

Sounds fun right? Well, it is because the game presents an immersive experience and with its fast-paced gameplay, you have to utilize the pinnacle of your skills. 

Arena of Valor

When it comes to MOBA games, we can’t leave out this gem! Promoted as a ‘real time’ MOBA game, AoV has some of the best gameplay experiences that one can expect. Although it’s inspired by LOL, it still has some features that make it stand out as one of the most challenging games in the market.

From earning gold by killing opponent heroes and minions to destroying structures, you need to level up your hero to be the best on the battleground. You also have different match types to choose and play, and you can easily compete in them based on your skills.


If you’re a MOBA game enthusiast, then you definitely know or have heard about Smite. This game comes with a set of players or heroes to choose from. Players can compete in Co-op or custom modes as needed. 

The amazing thing about this game is that it features a mythological figure or a god, which then allows spring pantheons in the game. Then you have assassins, guardians, hunters, mages, and more; it makes the entire experience engaging and interesting to play.

It’s super addictive since you’re experiencing a god-like feeling, controlling the figure. Well, if done wrong, the opponent will definitely win, killing your gods and the civilization alongside it.

Wrapping Up

Well, it’s unjust to leave so many titles out of the list, but for now, we’ll have to conclude. With these many titles, you can easily engage and develop your interest. Who knows someday you’ll be able to reach the highest ranks in any of the games above.

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